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With so many beautiful coastal destinations in the UK, it’s no surprise that holiday makers still love an at-home holiday with family and friends. Our coastline is one to be envied and, with Host & Stay, these coastal hot spots are waiting and ready for eager holiday-goers with plenty of stunning accommodation choices!

Here at Styled, we know just how to create a sought-after coastal interior – check our top 5 Styled coastal inspired holiday home projects below:

Queenscliffe, Scarborough:

A colleague and guest favourite when it comes to soaking up the Scarborough sun, is Queenscliffe. This stunning property with coastal views, offers guests a contemporary and playful environment, as the backdrop to happy holiday memories in the making. A blend of soft neutrals, pastel surfaces and daring pops of rich colours is what sets Queenscliffe apart from the rest. 

The Beach House, Scarborough:

The Beach House located in Scarborough is a pastel havana. Inspired by a soft and colourful coastal concept, The Beach House offers guests accommodation filled with whimsical charm and energy. Using natural materials paired with a soft pastel colour palette, the Styled team have created the perfect space for families and groups of friends, offering that “Instagrammable” appeal through the interior design that so many holiday-goers are searching for in the social media age.

Tides, Whitby:

Located in one of the UK’s, and the North’s, coastal hot spots, Tides in Whitby is a true reflection of the themes associated with the coast. A simple, contemporary style throughout, the deep colour palette of tonal blues and bursts of golds and greens in this property creates a relaxing and home-from-home feel for Host & Stay guests to enjoy. 

Grumbles Cottage, Whitby:

Grumbles Cottage, Whitby, is a popular choice from the portfolio of Styled designs onboard with Host & Stay. This fully refurbished cottage in the heart of Whitby, is the perfect cozy retreat for all seasons of the year. A more modern take on a character-filled property, Styled’s vision for creating a warm coastal accommodation has certainly been achieved with Grumbles Cottage. Using a colour palette of deep blues, soft greys and neutral tones, the design of Grumbles Cottage mimics the coastal town outside, dressed throughout with soft woven textiles finishes. 

License to Chill, Saltburn-by-the-Sea:

Situated in the tourist favourite town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, License to Chill is a Styled property which hits the mark for refreshing coastal inspired interior. In close proximity to the promenade and famous Valley Gardens, this property provides guests of Host & Stay the ideal holiday accommodation suitable for various groups including families and friends. A simple colour palette of blues, soft yellows and dusty rose pinks, creates a warm and refreshing space for guests to enjoy during their stay to this beautiful location no matter rain or shine. 

Looking to renovate or want to find out how to improve the style of your holiday home to increase bookings? Get in touch with the Styled team to see how they can help!