6 Clever Tips To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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As interior designers, we are quite familiar with having to navigate the challenges of small spaces. When trying to maximise space in rented accommodation, there is a fine line between creating a cosy, comfortable retreat and feeling a little cramped and claustrophobic.

Whether you’re designing these spaces for accommodation, residential or commercial projects, there’s a lot to consider to avoid the latter.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to do just that, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are our top 6 tips on how to make your home feel bigger…

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Light styled room

1. Consider Scale

Scale and proportions are a key part of interior design.

A tiny sofa in a large, open plan space will look lost and make the space feel empty and uninviting, while on the opposite end, an oversized sofa in a small room will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Getting the balance right is key. To create the perfect balance, ensure there is always a small amount of space between your furniture and the walls.

Avoid bulky pieces in dark colours that will overwhelm smaller spaces. Instead opt for lighter shades that will allow the room to breathe. You can always add in darker or more colourful accents through your accessories and soft furnishings!

2. Low, Low, Low

Having your furniture and décor lower to the ground instantly creates the illusion of a larger space – simply because there is more empty space above them.

Opting for mid-century style furniture will help achieve this look in the living room, while in the bedroom you could opt for a loft style bed.

If you have a dining table, try swapping out your chairs for a bench instead. Not only will this save space, but it will help create those all-important clean lines that instantly help the eye relax.

Top tip: Try to avoid cluttering the floor with unnecessary items. Instead, make use of wall space for artwork and shelves to keep your floor clutter-free and feeling bigger.

3. Make use of mirrors

An absolute must for small spaces is mirrors. Not only will these help to reflect light around the space, they will also create the illusion of depth – instantly making your room feel longer or wider than it actually is.

And you don’t have to just stick to one!

A series of smaller mirrors can work well, or alternatively opt for one large, statement mirror that can be leant against the wall.

Dark themed room

4. Blinds over curtains

As we’ve previously mentioned, creating the illusion of a bigger space is all about tricking the eye using clever design techniques – such as the ones we’ve touched on above.

Another clever tip is to remove your curtains.

Whilst they do help to finish a room, curtains can prevent you from taking in the view outside, which instantly will make the room feel darker and smaller than it actually is.

To combat this, opt for blinds, shutters or even sheer curtains. Your goal here is to try and keep the space looking simple and clutter-free.

If curtains really are a must for you, ensure your pole extends far beyond the window so that when the fabric is pulled back, the window will appear far bigger than it actually is.

Make sure to stick to lightweight and brighter fabrics here, too.

White double doors

5. Paint it white

One easy trick to make any room feel bigger is to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. This blurs the boundaries between the point where the two meet, creating the illusion of a never-ending wall.

If your goal is to create a light and bright space, then painting the room white is an easy go-to.

For rooms that are lesser used, you can try the same painting technique in a different colour.-

It will create the same enlarging effect you’re after, and if it isn’t a space that gets used a lot (such as bathrooms or hallways) these are a great place to add in colour that you won’t get sick of after a month or two.

6. Emphasise Lines

Anything that helps your eye travel around the room in a linear fashion will make it feel bigger.

Whether its some tall shelving, pendant lighting or even plants, finishing touches such as these will help to draw your eye upwards and elongate your space.

So, there we have it! 6 design tips to make your home feel bigger.

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